Identifying Desktop Computer And Components

What is a Booting?

Computer Booting is simply the loading the operating system or operating system files from hard disk drive in to main memory (RAM) this process is called Booting switch on computer running power on self test (POST)

Computer Parts

  • Computer case
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Speaker

Identifying Desktop Computer and Components  

Computer Mother Board


Processor CPU

Storage Device



Computer Case

asus motherboard unboxing p8h61 m 3 asus motherboard unboxing p8h61 m 11 asus motherboard unboxing p8h61 m 12 computer smps computer smps 2 hard disk i3 2120 processor 16 IDE cable ide connector mother board mother board 2 mother board 3 processor slot processor slot 2 processor slot 3 ram ram slots ram slots 2 sata cable sata connector seagate 1 tb hard disk drive 6 transcend 4gb ddr3 ram 12 wireless network card 2 wirless network card

SMPS – Power supply

Switched Mode Power Supply

SMPS – two type available

AT  —— 12 Pins

ATX —— 20 pins and 24 Pins

Now days only available in ATX Model SMPS. With SATA cable attachment, SMPS Wattage — 400 Watts, 450 watts, 500 watts .

AT, ATX and  ATX12v

SMPS — 500 Watt (24 Pin)

Input  — 230V AC

D.C Output Voltage  —  +5V, +12V, +3.3V,  -5V, -12V,

Wireless adapter 

Hard disk drive Data Cable